Tuesday, April 7, 2009

There's Only 4 Weeks of School Left...Now What?!...

Didn't realize there were only four weeks of classes left?? Well, be aware Spartans! It is almost summer! Or at least the closest that Michigan can come to summer. With snow still on the ground, it seems a little inaccurate to call the season we're currently in spring. That discrepancy aside, it's time to start thinking about making the most of our time off. Whether that be by working, going to school, traveling, or just getting a rockin' tan. No matter what you are doing this summer, there are some things everyone can do (myself included) to prepare for the upcoming school year.

First on the Agenda...Things To Do Before Finals Are Over:
  • Meet with Your Adviser and Enroll for Your 2009-2010 Classes
    • Check http://schedule.msu.edu for more information on class times, etc.
    • Take a gander at Degree Navigator...this is one resource that few students seem to know about it! It details all of your class requirements, grades, etc. This is a great thing to review before visiting your adviser. Here's the link: https://degnav.msu.edu/AppLogin.Asp
  • Make Some Goals.
    • Okay...so I know not all of us are pro-list making people, but give it a try! Setting goals for yourself keeps you on track and can actually make you feel pretty good when you accomplish them!
    • Here's a sample list set-up:
      • Top Career Goals for the Summer (This might include reviewing your resume, creating a LinkedIn account, apply for X number of jobs, make an appointment at The Center to talk to a career adviser, or just to get yourself in gear and do a little research on what you might want to do when you "grow up".)
      • Top Personal Goals for the Summer (These are fun because it's stuff YOU want to do! Here's an example...this summer I want to visit at least 5 new places I've never been before, try a new group fitness class, and send at least 3 snail mail letters to my family back home while I'm away on internship.)
        • Even for non-listers these kinds of goals are fun to map out! Think of random things you might like to research and do!

Not too painful, right? Let's move on to a few suggestions I have for getting your career search on the move early.

  • Take the time to update your resume.
    • Change contact information, class information, etc. as it changes.
    • Starting a new job this summer? As you work on projects or get a handle on what all you are working on, update your resume to reflect it.
    • Ask for resume critiques!! Getting a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th opinion on your resume is a great idea! The only thing to remember is that everyone has a different resume writing style. There will always be disagreements about formatting, wording, and what is okay or not okay to include.
  • Start thinking about what you might things you want to be involved in for next year.
    • Want to look for a new campus job? Student organization? Hobby? Fish around now so that when you get back to campus you can dive into whatever it is you'd like to do!

If you can get all those things done this summer, you'll definitely be on track for success in the Fall.

Good Luck! With Finals...and just in general!

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