Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Welcome to Limbo...Feel Anxious Yet?

Now that many of the interviews on campus are over and the career fair is a distant memory in everyone's overworked minds, we have settled into a lovely limbo where no one quite knows if they are going to hear back from companies or if they have just become another PDF file in a sea of resumes. Never to fear job seekers, Eva McSpartan is here to help you through this little version of purgatory!

First of all, if you attended career fair, but did not interview with anyone, it's time for you to get on MySpartanCareer, check out company websites, and get networking. If you don't know what to do, check out some of my older entries for tips on all of this. If you still feel lost, send me an e-mail at and I'll see what I can do to help. I will probably ask you these questions before I provide any answers:

  • Do you have an updated resume? Have you ever had it critiqued?
  • Did you attend Career Gallery? Who did you talk to?
  • Have you submitted your resume online on MySpartanCareer and company websites?
  • Have you networked with company recruiters by going to information sessions, college events or through friends?
If you have not done any of these things and e-mail me I can pretty much promise you that I will tell you to do these things then get back to me. On the other hand, if you've been diligently reading my blog and have done all these things, please come into the Center for Spartan Engineering or e-mail me so that we can get you setup with advanced career search strategies.

The last topic I'd like to cover for this week is maintaining contact with recruiters. Frequently, students will talk to recruiters here and there in the fall or during their internship/co-op search, but lose touch as soon as school gets crazy. Then in the spring when they are strapped for a job offer, they forget that they have all these great connections, but haven't done anything with them. One great tip I have for students is to maintain your network of contacts! Check in with your contacts every now and then by dropping them a quick e-mail wishing them well. For example, I did an internship a few years ago at a company that I was interested in working at full-time after graduation. I've maintained contact with several co-workers and recruiters for the company by making sure to send them brief updates about what I've been up to and sending updated resumes to recruiters stating my interest in starting with the company full-time. This has worked to my advantage because now that I'm close to graduation, I have open lines of communication with that company to be able to apply for full-time employment.

That's about all for now. Please send me any questions you may have via or by writing comments on an entry. Don't be shy! :)

Like always,

Good Luck Job Seekers!

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