Sunday, June 28, 2009

Maintaining Your Network

While it isn't always easy, one integral part of your success is the ability to communicate with more than just your peers, co-workers, and supervisors. Especially for students doing internships for multiple companies, it is important to maintain your network beyond the time that you spend within a company. This also applies to connections you may have with professors, mentors, and other professional connections. In the same way that you call a good friend every now and then to check up on them, you should also considering checking in on your professional connections. Sending an e-mail wishing them well and updating them on a major landmarks going on in your life is a great way to keep up. For example, if you recently finished a lab class that you were profoundly interseted in, shoot one of your contacts who works in that area an e-mail to tell them about your interest in that material.

What can maintaining your network do in the long run? In addition to keeping your name on a person's mind when they may be in a position to help you find programs, jobs, or areas of study that may interest you, managing a network is also good business. Keeping a positive connection of communication at any opportunity will strengthen your reputation and could also to be to your advantage in the long run. You never know when you will work with someone again or when you will be connected to someone by a degree of separation or two. When it comes down to it, showing respect, being positive, and maintaining communication with other professionals is and will be a significant part of your career. Keep this is mind every time you meet someone new or consider shooting a quick e-mail to a friend at an old job or from an organization you have worked with.

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