Monday, May 11, 2009

Q & A With Eva McSpartan

Happy End of Finals Everyone! For anyone who is venturing off to internships, co-ops or full-time jobs, good luck with your move! For anyone else who will be taking classes for the summer or will be making the most of staying at home, good luck as well!

Instead of the usual format, this week I'd like to change things up and do a little Q & A. For anyone who is enrolled in EGR 393, answering similar questions would be great for your blog entries, publication or YouTube/BubbleTweets. So here it goes...

Why did you choose your major?

I first realized I wanted to be an engineer around my freshman year of high school because of my interest in math and science. The tall tale relating to that realization has something to do with going woodchuck hunting on a local dairy farm with my father in middle school. Originally, I had dreamed of being a vet. On that particular day, let's just say that I realized I had no desire to be a vet, and would much prefer something involving less blood. My choice of being an engineer of the mechanical persuasion was made after participating in a high school engineering workshop at Michigan Tech. I realized that of all the engineering majors, mechanical was the closest to my interests.

How have you made connections for your internship/co-op positions?

I've made connections several ways. For two of my internships, I have applied to companies directly online and received interviews from those applications. The key to those applications was my strategic use of cover letters. By stating my interest and qualifications in my cover letter, I was able to give recruiters/hiring managers a better idea of what I could do for their company and why I would be a good fit. Another way I made connections for a co-op was at a Society of Women Engineers Career Fair at the SWE National Conference. Attending career fairs like the Career Gallery or career fairs at professional society conferences is a great way to network with companies and maybe even interview with them. The last way that I have made connections for internships is by networking. Through an introduction, I was able to meet and speak with a hiring manager. As a result, I was able to submit my resume and inquire about interviewing. Within 24 hours of meeting this particular recruiter, I was offered a position with the company. This goes to show that you should always be prepared to network!

What has attracted you to the companies you have worked for?

There are various qualities I look for when looking at a company. These include:
  • Company Culture
  • Education, Development and Leadership Opportunities
  • Company Structure (Formation of Divisions, Degrees of Separation Between the Top Dog and Everyone Else, etc.)
  • Recent Innovations/Diversity of Product Portfolio
  • Locations
  • Company Mission
  • Etc...

More Q & A to come in the future. If anyone has specific questions you would like me to answer feel free to comment on this entry or e-mail them to

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And congratulations on another successful semester!

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